As a Jazz Piano Player I draw a bow across the whole history of jazz and set the focus on Blues, Swing, ‘Bop, Latin and Cool Jazz.

As a Bandleader I manage my trio (piano, bass, drums) and, based on it, set up quartets, quintets and bigger bands.

As a Storyteller I highlight my performances with interesting and enjoyable facts, background information and anecdotes about the styles, eras, developments, personalities, scenes and instruments of jazz.

As an Impresario I organize small jazz festivals, with outstanding Austrian and international musicians – from newcomers to big names (thus taking a substantial entrepreneural risc).

As a Musical Director I individually set up any band, any concert, any performance, any festival according to a greater topic and with a common thread through the big picture.

As a Hank Jones Administrator I collect and maintain the life’s work of my friend, teacher and mentor Hank Jones (1918-2010), who was an inimitable man, pianist, composer, arranger and bandleader – by the way: I believe to be the world’s and most profound and most comprehensive private institution doing so.

By combining all these roles I have managed to produce and to consequently develop the concert series THE STORY OF JAZZ since 2015.