There’s No Business Like Show Business

Playing live is my world. My preference is to play in a trio, the Kurt Prohaska Trio, however I also like playing in duos, quartets, quintets, an “All-Star Band” and solo when required. Not only can I come up with a repertoire which mostly covers the history of jazz and is therefore very flexible, but I make each concert a special and unique event.
Unique? How?

Almost every one of my concerts tells an entire story which spans a musical range on a topic which best suits the venue, time and expected audience. This could focus on Latin American music, another time on the complexity of the blues in jazz, or the life stories of jazz legends or could be an “Algo Bueno” at a celebratory event.

In the overview of my previous performances and my upcoming performances you can find titles for each concert which characterises them in the same way that a CD carries a title. The title is the program – and I always manage to come up with something new. Should a promoter favor a certain previous program of mine, then I am happy to go back and update this and use it again.

Please contact me for detailed information!