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Kurt Prohaska Trio

Do you know the Kurt Prohaska Trio? Piano, bass and drums, the classic jazz piano trio. This is my favourite formation. To me and many others this is the king of all formations for a jazz ensemble.

The trio offers me the opportunity to best express myself musically. While I bare all responsibility, I receive the optimum support from my fellow musicians. This opens up a large amount of freedom for my musicians to incorporate their own musical ideas and to prove their improvisation skills as soloists. In this way everyone is both an accompanist and a soloist.

The piano is the lead instrument in most cases – but not always: I also love to allow the bass to introduce the melody or to leave my drummer to take particularly percussive pieces over wide ranges. The music eventually becomes a common walk through melodies, harmonies and rhythms. We all speak the same musical language, listen to each other, understand each other, introduce our own ideas, ask questions, answer and complement each other.
The Kurt Prohaska Trio has, in various formations, given some hundred concerts to date. Even when limited locally I have managed to find a way to create the best venues. I also succeed in gaining the absolute best of musicians, more and more of them internationally renowned, for my trio.

Kurt Prohaska, Joe Abentung, Dusan Milenkovic (by Martin Weber)

From Solo Piano to an All Star Band

I have recently begun to develop new formations from the trio. Sometimes a duo, for example with piano and bass or piano and saxophone, is more suitable for a small bar. For larger events a singer, saxophone or trumpet player are the ideal extension to the trio. In All Star Bands I combine two, three, or more of them. If required, I am also willing to do solo performances.

Kurt Prohaska, Roland Stonek, Paul Müller, Christof Zellhofer, Tomy Molnar, Dusan Milenkovic (by Christian Hauser)

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